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The lake itself is a breathtaking backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, family reunions, celebratory events, and of course, pictures. It is a feature that sets us apart from other event venues in Greenville, NC. 

Our full day or weekend rental packages allow you the time to really enjoy this natural picturesque waterfront setting.  Check out our Available Dates below.

2023 Available Dates

No availability for April 2023.

No availability for May 2023.

June - 10,  24

July - 22,  29

August - 19,  26

No availability for September 2023.

October - 28

November - 4

December - 16

We will not be booking any new events for 

Year 2024.


Email April to schedule a weekday viewing appointment if you are interested in possibly booking a date in Year 2023. We do not currently hold viewings during the weekend due to events, and again, we are not booking any events for Year 2024.

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